CLEARANCE 50 % OFF Tandem T-Slim pump case

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On clearance due to small marks or imperfections! Green ones have slight fading giving them a ombre look. 

Wear the Tslim with style with the RockaDex Silicone Cases for the Tandem Tslim touchscreen! Keeping your pump safe whilst wearing it can be a hard task. Our extensive range of Silicone Cases and Stickers gives you the chance to not only offer some protection to your Tandem, but give it some life for young kids who are struggling to find something cool about their diabetic tools.

Obviously it is still important to be careful with your pump, but this added protection gives adult diabetics and parents of type 1 kids another layer of security to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible.

Join the thousands of RockaDex users that have one of our RockaDex Silicone Cases, available in a range of 10 solid and multi colour options (select from menu above), there is one to suit every person, mood or outfit for the day!

Please Note

Our Tandem cases are there to offer extra protection from bumps, scratches and knocks but wont stop the pump from breaking should it take a hard fall or hit. The case is designed to wrap around the front of the pump which offers it more protection then any other case on the market.


  • Designed to fit the Tandem Tslim
  • Will also fit the Tslim X2
  • Custom designed for the perfect fit
  • Cut out in back so as not to block speaker
  • Made from silicone
  • Offers protection from accidental drop-pages
  • 10 colour options to match your outfits, moods and personalities
  • Cutouts so that the case doesnt have to be removed for cartridge changes.

Clips are now available for purchase, clip can be used with or without the pump case. Follow the link HERE we are working on a short video now to show how to apply the clip to the pump.