Emergency ID - Write on cards.

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It is always best to wear Emergency ID so it is ON you at all times, however this is a great back up to our other products.

Simply write on and update your own information stored.

Information that can be written on the card:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Tel: H/M/W
  • Address
  • Medicare No
  • Medical Conditions, Allergies, Medications, Blood Group and/or Miscellaneous Information
  • If medical or emergency personnel are trying to ascertain information about you they will often go through your wallet or personal belongings. This card holds basic information that can be a quick and easy reference for Emergency and Medical personnel.

    It is the same size as a credit card so can be easily carried in your wallet, Emergency ID MEDICAL POUCH handbag, glove box, school bag, travel bag, work lanyard or with security ID etc.