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We are a heart centred business, selling a varied range of patches, tape and covers to personalise your medical equipment. We keep pricing low to help support you and your condition, whilst maintaining the highest standard of quality.

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Your tape is amazing! Usually we have to reapply every 4-5 days but we just went 2 weeks and I completely forgot to check on it - it was still going strong! Plus it looks so much better.


Love having our DD wear this over her dex. So much prettier than looking at the old, nasty adhesive. Very quick delivery between Australia and Canada too ... Huge bonus!


We have a green butterfly today miss nearly 12 is very impressed thank you rockadex takes a lot to impress 12 year olds today.


Wow, I'm amazed! I may be 40 but I still might have to order a few of these and even some stickers! Thank you for having such a great product.