RockaDex 4 years on!

Everyone keeps telling me to add a blog to the site, and share some of this  information and experience thats in my head! 

SO please excuse my grammar, as those who know me know its not the best! 

I have read some incredible blogs from awesome people such as Renza & Frank that are PWD (People with Diabetes), and thought it would be great to have a different perspective! I am a Type 1 mum for 6.5 years now, with a gorgeous daughter Hayley who was diagnosed on the 16/03/2012 one of those dates you never forget! I will tell her Diagnosis story in another blog. I also have 2 boys one is 10 and the other 4, who thinks he is 18. And a pretty amazing husband - If i dont mention him and he manages to read this, I am sure i will be in trouble ;) 

RockaDex was started 4 years ago when we started on the Dexcom CGM G4 and we were having trouble keeping the adhesive on, I went to the chemist and bought a op-site tape which is a clear film. We put it on Hayleys stomach and it was so medical looking that we decided to colour it in, as Hayley laid on the lounge room floor her Aunty Julz and I drew pretty pictures on it for her and that's where RockaDex began. I wanted to make it a little less medical and a bit more fun for all the kids and adults out there. 

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