CGM OR FGM, What is it?

CGM OR FGM, What is it?

Heard the words CGM or FGM in the Diabetes world but unsure as to what they actually are? Dont want to ask the question and look silly, and google isn't helping....

Well here is the short and easy answer, CGM = Constant Glucose Monitor & FGM = Flash Glucose Monitor. Both devices are stuck to the skin with a small filament left under the skin taking a blood sugar reading every 5 minutes. With a CGM you can have it set to an audible alarm which will alert if you are out of range, falling slow/fast or rising slow/fast. The FGM doesn't have the audible alarm (unless using other devices in conjunction, but that is for another day), you will need to place the reader or your phone over the small disc for it to give you a number, still better then a finger prick though right! 

These fancy little pieces of technology are great for anyone with any form of Diabetes, they help to show trends that you just dont get to see with only a finger prick a few times a day. I hear alot of older people say, what do i need that for, I have survived 50 years doing it my way. CGM & FGM arent for everybody but we love ours! 

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