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Medical alert breach cards - FREE

Medical alert breach cards - FREE

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These breach alert warnings have been designed with students in mind, are you worried about your kids whilst at school and not being able to access their medical devices, eat when needed or using the toilet? I know i am!! We have been in a small rural school since my daughter started school, but as she transitions to high school next year i worry about her having issues accessing what she needs to & when. Not from those that will know her and have her on a regular basis, but its always common to have relief teachers coming & going.

After reading some horrible stories this week in regards to Type 1s starting school & being singled out by staff for accessing their phone when needed or having a hypo treatment i decided i needed to make these cards right NOW!

Some adults will just not listen & they know better no matter what our kids might say. I want the kids to have something that they can pull out of their pocket or bag that will get that adults immediate attention, and i think this card covers that! 

It has been suggested that it may be a good idea to have a principal sign the card also? There is room on the front of the card for this or to add a contact number if needed. While we are providing these free of charge as we believe anyone who wants one should have access we do have a small postage charge for them. 

The cards are a business card size, so will fit in kits, pockets or even pencil cases. 1 FREE PER PERSON, after that there is a charge of $1.00 each. If you have multiple Type 1s in your family please message me and i will add them in for you. 

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Ensure proper skin preparation before inserting your device. Wash your hands and the application site with soap and water, making sure the skin is dry and free from creams or lotions. Avoid inserting a sensor or cannula immediately after bathing, and apply adhesives in a dry environment. To further prevent irritation, consider using a barrier film or tape on the skin, leaving a hole in the middle for the cannula or filament. Alternatively, try a liquid barrier that can be wiped or sprayed on, forming a protective layer. Let it dry completely before device insertion. Additional tips include using an over-the-counter steroid nasal spray to prevent irritation, applying a non-deodorant antiperspirant for sweating issues, and using a hydrocolloid bandage for severe skin reactions.

Tips to help your patches stay on

For optimal adhesion, start with clean, dry skin—use soap and water or alcohol wipes, and ensure no sunscreen or moisturizer is present. Less hair in the area is better. To apply, peel off half the backing, position the tape against the sensor, and press it onto the skin. Avoid touching the adhesive to maintain its stickiness—only touch it when ready to apply. After positioning, peel off the rest of the backing, smooth down the tape, and rub the edges to warm it. For best results, apply the patch slowly to avoid bubbles, rub the edges to activate the heat-activated adhesive, and avoid getting the tape wet after application.


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