About Us

Having a young child with Type 1 Diabetes myself, I understand the difficulty sometimes that can occur when trying to not only keep the Dexcom on but also getting my daughter to wear the Dexcom. Changing the sensors are no longer an issue in our house, and has actually become an exciting time as my daughter loves to be able to pick a new colour/style patch and sticker! RockaDex was started as we had so many friends asking about the patches and where they could purchase them for their own families, I decided to start on this business venture to help fund my daughters CGM costs. Unfortunately here we must pay the full cost for the Dexcom with no rebates, but it is such a vital piece of technology and has saved our daughters life on more than one occasion that we just couldn't live without it. We aren't here to try and make massive profits, I have even had similar businesses approach me and ask me to put my prices up as it is making theirs look bad. I wont do it now or in the future, the profits pay for my daughters medical needs and anymore than that is given away in other forms which can be donations of vouchers to JDRF or we also give a lot of supplies away to Educators and Diabetes Centres.

Thankyou for your business and your support xx

Unfortunately I cant guarantee that the rock tape will stick to yours or your child's skin but I know the majority of people have had success with it, on the odd occasion it has only lasted a few days for us before peeling and other times an entire week. Fortunately it is very easy to change and will just peel off, leaving the dexcom behind.