Testimonials - What our customers are saying about RockaDex!

These are just some of the comments from our fantastic customers!!

*Love having our DD wear this over her dex. So much prettier than looking at the old, nasty adhesive. Very quick delivery between Australia and Canada too ... Huge bonus!

*Your tape is amazing! Usually we have to reapply every 4-5 days but we just went 2 weeks and I completely forgot to check on it - it was still going strong! Plus it looks so much better.

*We have a green butterfly today miss nearly 12 is very impressed thankyou rockadex takes a lot to impress 12 yr olds today lol.

*Wow, I'm amazed! I may be 40 but I still might have to order a few of these and even some stickers! Thank you for having such a great product.

*Have tried many things, RockaDex is the best!!