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Engraved stainless steel cuffs.

Engraved stainless steel cuffs.

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Our high quality stainless steel cuffs are made with love.

They are 100% hypoallergenic, and nickel & lead free.

Available with 4 different engravings and more to come in the very near future. A little about why i decided to choose the designs i have. 

TYPE 1 DIABETIC - This one is fairly self explanatory, its a great option for a simplistic medical alert bracelet that is suitable for so many age groups. 

I am greater than my highs and lows symbol - 4 symbols that have so much meaning to those in the community that understand them, wear this cuff with pride and a daily reminder that you are certainly so much greater then your highs and lows!  

YOU'VE GOT THIS - This ones for me! Being a Type 1 mum, a business owner & wife are all hard enough jobs on their own let alone all together, so this ones for those of us who need that little daily reminder that we really have got this!

DIABADASS - Yep, this ones for you!  For all those Diabetic bad arses out there, slap this one on your wrist and wear it with pride, because you are awesome, strong and beyond amazing! 

DUM SPIRO SPERO - Dum spiro spero means "While I breathe, I hope" in Latin. This amazing cuff has so many meanings to the individual person, we all have hope everyday that one day soon there will be a cure! 

Cant decide which one to go with, they look great worn together or pick one for different days, the cuffs also make a fantastic gift for your loved one and arrive in a drawstring gift bag. 


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Tips to help your patches stay on

For optimal adhesion, start with clean, dry skin—use soap and water or alcohol wipes, and ensure no sunscreen or moisturizer is present. Less hair in the area is better. To apply, peel off half the backing, position the tape against the sensor, and press it onto the skin. Avoid touching the adhesive to maintain its stickiness—only touch it when ready to apply. After positioning, peel off the rest of the backing, smooth down the tape, and rub the edges to warm it. For best results, apply the patch slowly to avoid bubbles, rub the edges to activate the heat-activated adhesive, and avoid getting the tape wet after application.


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