Omnipod Heart Shaped Patches

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Wearing your heart on your sleeve has never been easier with the RockaDex heart-shaped patch for Omnipod

Omnipod won't stick? RockaDex is here to help! Making sure your Omnipod stays in place can be a hard task regardless of whether you are a child or fully grown adult, so we have created a range of patches perfect for keeping your Omnipod management system on tight.

Our Omnipod Heart patches are made from medical tape and will keep your Omnipod secure and help it to stay stuck for longer. Our tape is hypoallergenic and latex oxide free, making these not only the toughest choice for every Omnipod user but comfortable for those with sensitive skin.

Our Omnipod patches are available in a range of colours (choose your colour option above). If you are looking for a patch with an extra sticky adhesive, then select from the H20 tape (black in colour), or our red, lime pattern and horse shoe options.

Included in this package

  • Selected quantity of Omnipod Management System Heart patch in any colour


  • Works with Omnipod
  • Bling your skin with our outrageous or plain colour options
  • Save the tears and time to re-secure an Omnipod to your diabetic champion
  • Select H20 black tape or red/lime pattern/horse shoe options for stickier tape

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